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Linnae Hutchison -Quade Estate Auction

We would like to thank Heather Kaspar and her entire Buck Up Auction team for their professional handling of our Estate Auction recently held in Fayette County.  From the moment you meet Heather and her wonderful team you realize you have found a true gem. She is responsive, customer service focused, reliable, enthusiastic, creative, marketing savvy, a problem-solver, and above all, considerate of and interested in the families and their unique stories.  After trying to organize our family’s Estate Auction (unsuccessfully) for 3 years, we were finally blessed to find Heather Kaspar and Buck Up Auctions.  By the end of the first meeting, we were able to outline a plan and a timeline which she executed flawlessly.  We should comment that the auction was enormous, encompassing the contents of multiple homes and out buildings, all filled to the brim. It was a herculean undertaking with over 800 lots covering everything imaginable from furnishings to antiques to agricultural equipment to unique one of a kind memorabilia items.  Heather and her team carried out the entire auction from cleaning/preparation to execution with a degree of professionalism and customer service that is nearly lost in today’s world.  Despite the hot/humid conditions, an ill-timed Tropical Storm, and the "challenging" state of many of the buildings, Heather and her team worked tirelessly to pull the auction together.  We want to also thank Natasha who worked closely with Heather and had the unenviable task of cataloging the items; we know those were long days in far from comfortable conditions and we appreciate your efforts.  It is without hesitation that we recommend Buck Up Auctions. We are grateful to Heather and her Buck Up Auction team for their hard work and professional manner in which they helped us walk through a daunting process.  The Fayette and surrounding counties are truly blessed to have such an incredible young lady in the community and a resource for what is often one of the most tumultuous and trying events that a family goes through- the process of finalizing an estate.  

Bryan Carlile - Consignor

I want to thank you & the Buck Up Auctions team, profoundly, for what was an exceptional auction process and resulting outcome. Your entire team were so accomodating and professional, and exhibited an enthusiasm which I have seldom witnessed before. You are a true master auctioneer, possessed of grace, spirit, and determination, and I am steadfastly grateful. 

I am very much looking forward to your upcoming auctions. Could you please extend my gratitude to everyone on your team that has helped me in this liquidation process? 

You have answered many of my prayers in your actions and that of your team's. I have decided, after careful deliberation, to extend the offer of listing the farm with you, as I know you have recently obtained your real estate license. You have been the only individual whom has ever followed through on your promises to me. Very few in the real estate industry have ever done so or offered true assistance. 

Please extend my very best to you and your team, and I look forward to working with you in the future. 

Kathryn Cowen & Charlotte Mikulin - Estate Heirs

For over three years, we wondered how we would ever liquidate all the personal effects of my father.  This remarkable man amassed quite a collection in 92 years! Fortunately, someone suggested Heather Kaspar and her company Buck Up Auctions.  What a blessing!  Heather and her team tackled the job of sorting through sheds, barns, and the house and catalogued over 700 lots.  The tumultuous and trying process of finalizing my father’s estate was made much smoother by the professionalism and customer service exhibited by Heather and her entire team.  Heather’s choice of date and timing of the auction were most beneficial allowing for a much larger and diverse auction crowd.  Although the day dawned wet and drizzly, there was an excellent turnout because of the fantastic marketing job provided by Heather through multiple media forms; newspaper ads, brochures, radio, and Facebook.   The entire auction process was smooth and seamless.  We were grateful and heard many compliments for Heather and her entire team.  I recommend Heather Kaspar and her entire Buck Up Auction team to anyone facing similar circumstances.  She is enthusiastic, creative, responsive and above all truly sincere in her efforts to serve you, the customer.

Sue Schultz - Giddings, Texas

Earlier this year I was telling an acquaintance that since my husband past away, I was overwhelmed  with several generations of family belongings.  She gave me Heather Kaspar's phone number and said call Heather, she's an auctioneer.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever consider an Auction company for personal items.
I called Heather, made an appointment to chat with her.  The next day I was signing a contract for an auction to take place in twelve (12) days!  Heather and her crew spent the next few days going through an enormous amount of STUFF I probably would have thrown away or put in a yard sale.  Over 400 lots were catalogued.  The crew worked evenings and nights.  They were as cheerful when they left as when they arrived.  So organized, professional and a joy to be around.  Very respectful of my belongings and worked very hard to make sure "you" as a client was completely satisfied with all aspects of the auction process.
BUCKUP AUCTIONS has the bull by the horn in the world of auctioneering.  They may be a new company but they are going to be a big success in this business.

Sister’s Barn - Rusty Hilton & Doreen Ibach -Buyer

We conduct estate sales & have held an auction of our own before. We go to lots of estate sales and auctions and we think that Buck Up Auctions does a fast & efficient job & keeps it entertaining! It makes a long day as enjoyable as possible. They always have the right amount of staff on hand and everyone is friendly & nice!

Tara Royer Steele - Round Top Area Chamber Chair

Buck up Auctioneer Group did an amazing job at our Gala. We had a goal & they helped in achieving that! The best part is, Heather...she is young & exciting & a woman. It's not every day that you see a woman auctioneer. She draws in a crowd & keeps things exciting! I will definitely use Buck up Auctioneer Group for other events.

Abraham Pace - Ledbetter Volunteer Fire Department

Heather & Melvin are a GREAT team. They are both professional & charasmatic & know how to get the job done. I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

April Lewandowski - Bidder at Lights-Camera-Texas Gala

You are without a doubt the coolest auctioneer I've ever seen! Thank you so much for making the night so colorful!

Amy Jo Anderson - Daughter of Judy Mikeska

The Buck Up team is nothing short of miracle workers. From the beautiful prayer that opened the auction to the savvy Heather Schoenst Kaspar that is an auctioneer...it was stellar. Her ability to engage this 300+ crowd fully for 3.5 solid hours inspiring charity, love and laughs is what benefit auctions should forever be defined as. There are no words to describe our gratitude for the Buck Up team and all the generous community members who donated auction items or purchased. 

Heather - the best auctioneer I've ever met - also wrote a beautiful piece about my amazing mom, on her blog: "Buck Up Baby!" Got a charity or benefit? Buck Up and book her now!

Erin Willey - Event Organizer for Judy Mikeska Medical Benefit

Just days after Christmas 2014 I was informed that one of my dear sweet coworkers was diagnosed with lung cancer that quickly spread to her brain. Anyone that knows anything about cancer knows that it causes a huge financial burden on the person and their families while going through the costly treatments. I knew something had to be done to help my coworker and after several months it was decided that a group of us would host a fundraiser to help raise funds for medical expenses. I prayed day and night that somehow someway this fundraiser would come together and we would be able to help Judy with her battle with cancer. After all, friends don’t let friends fight cancer alone.

I was given Heathers number and after the first meeting with her my worries about the auction and raffle part of the event were gone. We discussed Judy and the amazing woman she is and why we were holding a benefit for her. Heather is genuine, professional, creative, and passionate about each and every event she gets involved in. She was a tremendous help throughout every stage of the event helping with the planning, marketing with social media, documentation of the live and silent auction items, and even buying a few items herself. The Buck Up team is phenomenal! Lots of long hours and hard work went into the Judy Mikeska benefit and I know it would not have been nearly the success had it not been God blessing us with Heather and her Buck Up team.

Even weeks after the event there are still people talking about the overwhelming success and how much fun they had at the auction.

A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to Heather and her Buck Up crew, ya’ll are amazing and I would highly recommend you to anyone that wants to host a benefit or auction!

The Friends of Winedale - Ginny Elverson Welch, President of the Board of Directors

For anyone and everyone who is considering hiring an Auctioneer for your event, I highly recommend you look very closely at the professional services offered by Heather Kaspar and her company Buck-up Auctions.

I am the President of the Board of Directors of The Friends of Winedale, a 501c.(3) tax-exempt Texas corporation whose purpose is to raise monies for funding projects to maintain and preserve the Winedale Historical Center in Winedale, Texas.

We just held our first big fund raising Event on August 22nd, 2015, which included a dinner, and a Silent and Live Auction. While many of us had participated in Charity fundraisers, none had ever been in charge of organizing all the small details. We easily collected items for our Silent and Live auctions, but how to describe them, display them, and auction them so they would bring the highest dollar possible was another story.

Enter Heather Kaspar. When she told us what her fee was, many just saw that as that much less we would garner for our profit to give to the Winedale Historical Center. However, immediately upon meeting with her in person, responding to the enthusiasm shining through her eyes, and hearing what she offered for that amount, we all recognized the value of her services, her experience and her expertise.

She met with us several times, after we first engaged her, to help us organize how to approach donors for items and what type of items she experienced sold best at these Events. She helped us with the wording on the descriptions of the items for pre-Event publication on our website and Invitations. She suggested ways the items could be displayed at the Event with placards describing the item. Several days before the Event, she and her staff met with our Auction Chairman to catalog and give Lot numbers to each item. The day before the Event, they helped us organize the display of Items at the Event site and set up their checkout area to collect payment after the Event for items sold. The evening of the Event, she and her crew arrived to register guests and give each a bidder number. Her crew supervised the Silent Auction area and was available for any questions guests might have. After dinner, Heather opened the Live Auction and began an incredible show of her Auctioneering talent and style. Her “spotters” were in the audience to recognize bidders and whoop up the excitement and competition between those bidding on the same item.  Heather engaged everyone in the crowd who watched and/or participated with great enthusiasm. 

At the close of the Live and Silent Auctions, Heather and her staff moved the auction items into their cashier area where the took payment and delivered items to the purchaser. By the end of the evening all was collected and paid for.  From her computer program she was able to create a comprehensive report on what was sold, the dollar amount it brought, and whom the purchaser was with complete contact information for future use on our mailing list. Further, when she met with several of us a week later to give us the report and review the results, we discussed ways we could make it even better the next time! (Which might be a big feat as we cleared over $230,000. after expenses this time!)

Anyway, I cannot say enough how much her presence added to our success due to her expertise, but, also, to the fun everyone had at our Event due to her energy and infectious enthusiasm that was absorbed by all.

The Round Top Family Library- Vice President and Gala Co-chair - Julie Wantland

The Round Top Family Library hired Buck Up Auctions LLC to provide auction services for our 2015 Wrangler's Gala. This important event raises over 60% of the annual income needed to fund Library operations and programs. Our goal was to raise $60,000 but thankfully, we were were able to raise $71,000, 18% over our goal. A large percentage of that success can be attributed to our partnership with Heather.  

Heather is a high energy, talented woman, committed to her clients' success She met with us several times before the event and helped shape the various event activities to maximize generated income.  She offered creative ideas, such as the super-fun "Heads or Tails" raffle that initiated the high energy Live Auction.  She and her ringmen conducted a fast paced, energetic Live Auction, engaging the audience and keeping the bidding paddles going up.  She was determined to raise additional funds at the end of the Live Auction and successfully obtained $5,000 worth of funds for our Facilities Development Fund.    It was a pleasure to watch her.  

At the end of the evening, her crew quickly closed the auction lots and was ready for checkout exactly as planned. Over 70 buyers were quickly checked-out, with minimal confusion.  The checkout process is the most challenging part of the evening, but she oversaw everything, intervening to solve problems and quickly providing preliminary results to us.  

One of her best qualities is her flexibility to adapt her processes and practices to accommodate her clients.  For example, she substituted "book-themed" paper for her bidding paddle printing process.  She balances a busy life/work schedule, but was always responsive to texts, emails and calls. 

She's a local person who loves giving back to her community.  We plan to utilize Heather and Buck Up Auctions in the future!