As a part of the Buck Up Crew, I get to experience every aspect of an auction that there is. Online, onsite, set up, break down, troubleshooting, customer relations, co-worker relations, technology wins, technology fails, and so, so much more! I like to consider working auctions similar to the famous Forest Gump line; “You never know what you’re gonna get!” Each auction is very different from all of the ones that came before it which makes connecting all the dots all the more fun! 

Over the summer, I made my 6th anniversary with Buck Up Auctions. I am a mom to two boys and own my own business along with being a licensed auctioneer with Buck Up Auctions. I am not new to auctions. Cattle sale barns and cattle ranch disbursement sales were my norm growing up. I helped with the books, ran tickets and even worked at the local auction barn cafe on non-sale days. At that time, I had never considered it anything more than FUN as well as my high school job.

One thing that had been most evident to me since I became part of the Buck Up Crew is that Auctions are a FAMILY affair! In many different aspects and ways, each auction I have worked with Buck Up has revolved around some sort of family aspect in one way or another. Coming from a LARGE, tight-knit, WILD bunch that I call my family, I LOVE it!

The first auction I worked with Buck Up Auctions, really just Heather and Christi, revolved around MY family and was a benefit auction for one of the historic painted churches we have in Texas that my grandparents have been members of for 40 of their 54 years of marriage! My family along with a handful of other families in the small community of Ammansville, Texas work together to put on a picnic every fathers day to raise money for the church. It was at this little picnic that Heather needed some help spotting bidders in the large crowd and I volunteered to help her and Christi. Since then, I do not think they could get rid of me if they really wanted to!

My favorite thing to see, by far, is the families that come out together. Whether it is online    auction pick up day or live auction day. Seeing families come out together, sometimes 3 and 4 generations, is always an awesome experience. Grandparents letting their eager grandkids bid for them, sister-in-laws working together to buy the piece they have had their eye on and then turn it for a profit, and brothers working together to build a partnership they have had long before they started their business together all inspires me to continue to do the best job that I can do for them all.

There are many reasons we are “called to auction”. Each and every time, the “call to ACTION” is very clear. We are problem solvers by nature and luckily each crew member brings a different skill to the table and together, we can solve nearly anything brought before us. Estates, Fundraisers, Clean Outs, Sell Outs, Downsizing, Moving and Real Estate are just a few reasons that pop in my mind when I think of the reasons behind why we have been “called to auction”. Each and every auction I have been a part of has a sense of family in one way or another. With Estates, we get to work alongside families. The groups we serve for fundraising have all banded together like a family for a cause. And, in many cases, we gain lifelong friends and supporters that become part of our Buck Up Family. I am reminded often how fortunate I am to be able to be a part of this crew at Buck Up Auctions and that I can serve an industry that truly focuses on helping and giving back to each person that is put in our path.


I love what I do each and every day and each auction brings not only new items to sell but also new friendships, perspectives, challenges, and even the occasional “critter”! You just “Never Know What You’re Gonna Get!” I look forward to the next auction and hope to see you there! Buck Up and Bid! BID! BID!

Kasey Fuchs
Licenced Auctioneer
Buck Up Auctions and Realty

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