“On-Site Tech Crew Member” Position



Buck Up! Auctions and Realty is an auction, real estate, and fundraising consulting firm that conducts live and online estate auctions, real estate transactions via auction and traditional methods, and fundraising auctions of all sizes.  


This position will predominantly be focused on the personal property side of our business with on site and online auctions, with the ability to cross train and assist with fundraising auctions.


 Full time: 35+ hours each week with an exception of occasional down time based on the season. “Down Time” might include part time hours.
 Monday through Friday and weekends, as needed.


$10.00 to $12.00 per hour, as experience merits.  


Needs to be able to type up spreadsheets and inventory list in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Docs.
Must be able to learn new software to make edits and changes.
Assist with the setup of online and on-site auctions.
Assist in photographing, lotting, and describing lots
Complete the end of day assessment pages to be submitted daily.
Work Auction Preview Times for on-site and online auctions. answering questions, assisting with app download or merchandise questions and monitor auction browsers.
Work with buyers at on-site, pick-up, and by phone scheduling pick-up times
Be able to fill role of: cashier, hand clerk, computer clerk, toter, load out, runner, bid recorder, stick man, and become interchangeable in those roles.
Be sure tasks with lots are completed on dailt form are uploaded into the system. If not, be sure that team members reviewing lots are aware of when you are in the process
Research items when necessary
Be able to review the auction items on the app and website. Also, make revisions is necessary
Be sure to include demisions and/or objects to scale the lot for sale
Be sure to notate any notable or known flaws on itmes 
Other duties as assigned.


High school diploma or GED is generally preferred, but not required.
Possess computer skills with the ability to learn new software  
Familiar with Microsoft Office suite and Google Drive 
Auction experience a plus

SKILLS and/or Qualifications:

Takes initiative
Flexible with unexpected changes
Motivated Team Player
Problem Solver
Expressive Communicator
Be able to work well with others 
Great Customer Service
Follow Thru with Tasks at Hand
Troubleshoot Problems Before They Happen


Dress appropriately and safely for the work being performed.
Have a means of transportation to job sites.
Available for employment for weekdays, weekends, and occasionally week nights.
Must be willing to travel in 4-County areas with the possibility of going outside that area.
Ability to stand/work/lift --- fill a needed role
Ability and willingness to work in old home, barns, sheds, and garages
Bring your own gloves and whatever you prefer to use.

Can make recommendations

Permissions to be tagged in Social Media posts.
Must be able to use the time card app to track your hours each pay period
Access to texting, group chats, and apps being used for communications